Asymmetry of Fashion

Trends aren’t constant. They change in a flash. Fashion and Food are typical examples where what may be in vogue today, might whizz away tomorrow. Who would have thought that lack of symmetry would rule the fashion world one day? Well, the moment has come as asymmetric style in fashion has caught the eye of the fashion-bearers and enthusiasts pretty fast. There is a sort of freakishness about asymmetric patterns which makes it a perfect design for tops, hem dresses, skirts & much more.

When we mention asymmetric clothing, the first thing that flashes in our minds is the high-low length of an outfit. In recent times, asymmetric ruffle off-shoulder outfits have created a lot of buzz among girls who are often seen wearing them at parties and other informal occasions. 

The moment you see an asymmetric dress, it reflects uniqueness. Asymmetry in fashion is LOUD and BOLD. It is just like that shade of a red lipstick which ones put on glows-up in a jiff. And if you think this type of style is just for girls, then you need to peep a little in the boy’s section as well. You will be surprised to see the range of asymmetric Tees, Nehru jackets and even Kurta’s that have been accepted quite well in male fashion. The design and the style can be seen in contemporary and modern outfits too which itself gives a green signal to their acceptability among the people. 

Come summer, as always girls would love to add polka dot and floral dresses in their closet. And what if these dresses have a tinge of asymmetry in them? As we imagine that, let’s also talk about ruffle sleeve top or a blouse or even a ruffle hem dress. They all look fabulous, don’t they? Add to their glamour by pepping them up with an asymmetric angle and see the wonders these dresses do. This style of fashion has indeed become contagious as it looks bold yet has a very classy aura around it. Besides, it can be flaunted during a formal as well as not so formal occasion as well. 

If we get into the technicalities of asymmetrical cuts say in a skirt, we will realize that the cut flows with every step adding an overall flow to the body. These asymmetrical designs may seem to be as plain and easy as regular designs but come to think of it, they are far more complex than they actually look. To master an asymmetric outfit, the tailoring has to be impeccable. A string of wrong cuts and the idea of trendsetting fashion gets bulldozed completely. The asymmetric cut should not only be good but it has to be perfect. 

Asymmetric dresses have announced their arrival in the fashion world and how. Summers are the best time when one can actually flaunt this trend because of the options available when it comes to outfits, designs, colors and even the fabric. Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex can be seen donning a lot of Asymmetric neckline outfits and even the leading ladies of Bollywood too have shown an inclination to wearing asymmetric dresses during their red carpet entries. Sonam Kapoor & Kareena Kapoor can be seen wearing asymmetric kurti and floral print asymmetric tunic at launches as well as red carpet entries. 

The Asymmetric dresses have it in them to make one look gorgeous would be an understatement for sure. Though, there is still a lot of room for the designers to play with the pattern and enhance their appearance even further. Be it night or day, these dresses offer versatility and hence have become quite a fad among a certain age bracket.