In our country, we have lived up with the idea of fusion; fusion in music, food, clothes, thoughts and much more. Frankly, the sweep of fusion in our lives is so much that at times we tend to get confused on what to adopt and when? As for fashion, fusion has never been out of sight. This is mainly because as a society, we are prone to give as much importance to our side of fashion as we give to the fashion from the western world. The fact is, we have adopted both the offerings well. 

Fashion in men has seen a significant amount of change over the past few years. Who said that the colors were only a part of a women’s attire. Men too carry them well with the same flair and in fact at times surpass the expectations of many. Talking of colors, there are many options which are available for men mostly during summers these days. Right from their Gym clothing to office wear to an evening party outfit, men too are spoilt for choice today. Let’s see what new value we men add to their closet this summer season.

Chino Shorts

Lightweight fabric is your friend any summer. These shorts offer you comfort and style. Shorts are always regarded as that quintessential outfit which would always be your buddy during those tiring times. Over a period of time, their elasticity has surely increased from not just being an outfit worn at home or on a beach but also at parties, picnics and at times even at work.

Linen Shirts

Linen should surely be called a magic fabric. The fabric is able to put you together even at times when you are sweating like never before. Mostly preferred nowadays at offices too, Linen has slowly but steadily gained the momentum among the fashion savvy.

Breathing Trousers 

The choice of trousers, especially for the ones traveling out of office during summers, has to be not good or exquisite but perfect. A poor choice of trouser can make you feel sticky and unbearable. You can always look out for a cotton-linen blend of trousers which is very light and at the same time breathable too.


And that’s where the fusion part comes into the picture. A light colored kurta with stripes or prints teamed up with denim can make you look refreshing. With summers at its peak, you don’t have to get the kurta accessorized at all and let the actual design and color of this outfit speak for itself.


Honestly, a T-Shirt has always been our preferred choice during summers. Wearing the right fabric of a tee is equally important as the design on it. Although cotton is widely preferred, rayon should be an ideal choice of fabric in a T-Shirt. It is very thin and delicate and goes well with any occasion.

Linen Jackets

If your schedule does not involve going outside of the office space, then linen jackets are a top class option for summers. You can wear them over a light fabric shirt and can definitely make the trend flow. What’s even more in favor of these jackets is that they tend to go along well with a trouser or jeans making them a preferred choice for youngsters as well as not so young.

Come what may, one thing is for sure; the temperatures soar during summers. One has to be well-equipped dealing with it. Getting those perfect summer outfits shouldn’t be a task no more with so many varied choices like the ones discussed above available for your disposal.