Food and Fashion are unbounded.

Not only are they liked at the place where they originate but their popularity increases manifold when they travel offshore, out of their comfort zone. Such has been their story thus far, exciting and full of promise. Technological advancement in both the cases has played a very significant role in raising the bar. By this we not only mean the internal advancements that have taken place within their respective industry but the external evolution as well, a significant factor being the mode of communication that has led to their acceptance in a completely unknown, unthinkable geography.

There is a popular saying that if a culture wants to penetrate in a completely different territory, the first and foremost tool that would help its cause would be Food. That was then. Today, fashion shares an equal responsibility of spreading culture beyond boundaries. Its acceptability has seen a major rise.  A lucknowi chikan kurta can be seen worn in South India and one can also see the flash of a kanjeevaram saree in Banaras.

This is the modern day fashion for you; carefree and self-governing. Has so much to offer and breaks that barrier of geography and apprehension. Fashion is not only about clothing, but it is also about the way an outfit is worn. With designers globetrotting for fashion shows, one can see experiments taking place in this domain too. Since the time the internet has come into the picture, the world has shrunk. Fashion and trends in one part of the world are in no time adopted someplace else. This has helped fashion labels gain popularity across a cross-section. In India, where the income levels have seen a major shift, inclination towards wearing stylish outfits has also seen a rise. With more than 65% of its population below 35 years of age, one can imagine the prospects fashion has in this part of the world. The youngsters are the most prone to embracing new trends with ease and then pass that over to other age brackets also. Yes, fashion today does not stick to only one generation.

Fashion designing has become a very exclusive stream of learning in the modern era and youngsters have started to give a serious thought of taking it up as a career option. The prospects have further increased with clothing stores housing some of the best brands in the world. With their sales increased by the day, these brands have seen the potential Indian market has for them. It not only has given an exposure to new fashion and trends but has also pushed the limits of Indian clothing manufacturers. Indian society is known to be modern and traditionally rich. The same taste can be seen in our outfits as well. We have not only maintained our loyalty towards ethnic clothing but also do not hesitate in cuddling to modern outfits. Go to a quality clothing outlet and you shall realize the fashion acumen a salesperson possesses while pitching you that range of outfit. The guidance which you receive nowadays while buying a new outfit speaks volumes of the inroads fashion has made in everyone’s lives. All said and done, fashion has always been about comfort. You may have laid your hands on some of the finest, exquisite outfits but unless you feel that level of coziness after wearing it, there is no point in sticking around.

You may either like a particular line of fashion which is setting trends or you may not like it, but you can never ignore it. The journey of fashion has indeed been very stimulating.