Go Colorful This Summer

Summers are about going all out on color. There is no harm if your clothes compliment the brightness of the Sun. With so many colors, both vibrant and subtle available for your rack, you just need to go for that perfect shape and size of the outfit and let the colors do the talking. 

Being an Indian, there is a direct bond with colors and which is what gets to be showcased in the outfits that we wear. There are several options available in prints these days which by the way can look really appealing during the summer season. Cherry Prints on a white tee or top, Puff sleeves with light shades of pink or blue have the capacity to draw one’s attention. White no doubt still tops the charts, but you can always look for floral prints on whites just to give that extra glimmer to the outfit. You can wear a simple white A-line ruffles floral dress at a party or even at a casual outing with friends. 

The Box Of Colors

There are some very most prominent colors that can make you look smashing in any type of design and outfits. You can actually handle these colors like a pro!! Remember, wearing the right color is important as it not only peps-up the outfit but also helps give that tinge to your personality.


This is obviously the color of the Sun and with its bright features can actually boost up the mood of the person wearing it and at the same time can also put smiles on the people around. Do not restrict yourself to a plain, mellow yellow but go ahead with shades of bold and bright versions.

Blush Pink

The blush pink which is the softest version of the color pink can make any dress look chic, elegant and sophisticated. And the best part is that it can be worn at professional space as well since the color isn’t gaudy and has a very ultra-nice feel to it.


You cannot think of any summer without wearing anything in Red. The color is powerful and oozes energy and excitement. The color can actually fill your summer with positivity and adventure. The color has been pretty dominant during traditional ceremonies in India and also can be seen worn at night parties and formal outings.

Burnt Orange

This color should definitely be given a try because of the range it offers. This color fits in well on a traditional outfit which has a decent amount of embroidery on it and can also be seen drawing a lot of attention on casual attire.


The color has a very calming effect during the hot summers. Most of us during this time of the year, love to spend time by the water and what better choice there can be than wearing shades of this color.

Prints Which Can Be Given A Thought

Besides the vibrant colors, attention should also be paid to the types of print patterns which can be worn. While Floral Prints still are the most preferred ones but once can also look into Checks, Polka Dots, Stripes and the Butterfly patterns. No doubt, their effect on the colors is noteworthy. 

So when you plan to stuff your wardrobe this summer, make sure that it has a mix of these colors and prints you’ll wear all season long. Summer season is that time of the year when a lot of families travel out for fun and leisure. These colors have everything in them to make that vacation photo-shoot even more memorable.