It becomes quite intriguing as to what to wear during the scorching summers. Wearing light & trendy outfits and protecting yourself from the tan can be quite a task. While you have a sunblock which can protect you from the latter but when it comes to the selection of outfits, you can get puzzled, to say the least. 

Mentioned under are some really cool fashionable outfits which have engraved their position to be there in the summer list, always.

Maxi Dresses

This long floor dress gives an airy feel and is one of the most fashionable outfits you can look out to wear during summers. They are very flexible as they can match up to the standards of an evening party or can also accompany you on a casual stroll to the beach.

Crop Tops

You can call them a pepped up version of the regular tops which women were used to wearing before. Well, they are trendy, bold and can team with almost anything from denim shorts to a chic skirt.

Off Shoulder Dresses

They have become pretty popular of late and come in a variety of shades, mostly preferred being pastel pink, aqua blue or mustard. You can team them with a pair of white sneakers to complete that summer look.


They are comfortable, girlie and have caused a sensation in the fashion industry. So in the summers if you are out vacationing or have to deal with office attire woes, this is the outfit which has the answer to all your problems. They are not only soft (depends on the fabric though) but also look great both in solid as well as striped patterns.

Ruffle Linen Skirts

You can crush the humidity anytime by wearing these. They make a much laid back and casual fashion statement and are also perfect attire during your travel.

In addition to the above-mentioned summer outfits, chikankaari has also become a hit among ladies. Cotton, Chiffon and Georgette suits come with heavy embroidery which adds to the style tone in summers.

Light Fabric And Bright Colors Are The Mantra For Summers

As far as the material is concerned, especially in summers, it is always advisable to stick to Cotton & Linen as they are not only comfortable to wear but look chick too. These are the fabrics that breathe. In humid conditions, women can always style themselves in cotton pants and tunics. Summers are also for the soft cotton Kurtis particularly those white ones. They are indeed a wardrobe essential. Handloom and Khadi sarees too can be seen worn these days at office space. They too are preferred as summer attire because of the fabric they come in.

Besides the fabric, in addition to the shades of blue, pink, yellow and of course white, you can also look out to wear some pastel shades. It has been lately seen that flowery prints in pastel shades have attracted a lot of buyers who look out to get that perfect summer attire.

Remember- Floral and Bright colors always give that bubbly look. Also, Breezy designs and playful silhouettes must be given a serious thought.

Indian brands and designers to have started to put in a lot of effort to enhance summer outfits across all age groups. In India, the heat is intolerable and it makes a lot of sense to tweak the fabric, the design and amend colors without putting a dent on the style quotient. With an exquisite collection of summer outfits, you can find that effort taking shape. No doubt, summer fashion in the country is evolving for good.