It’s that time of the year again when we start pulling out our winter clothing from the bag kept over a closet. Yes, winters have arrived with a bang and we just can’t wait to show off some of our best sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans, jackets, and shrugs. Despite having the warm clothing at our disposal in our place, we often tend to indulge in shopping every winter. This is obviously because of the trends that keep on changing every season; there is something new either in color, clothing or style that one can find on the racks of a clothing store.

We all must have come across the term hacks. Well, it’s just like the Nani Ke Nuskhe that we were quite often used to hearing during yesteryears. In this context, it is about some exclusive ways in which we not only keep the cold wave at bay but also set some stylish trends this season.

Just a small tip before we carry our discussion on the hacks!!

Hang Fold the sweaters rather than just hanging them the regular way

Sweaters usually take a lot of space when kept in a closet. It is always advisable to hang them and that too in such a way that they do not form a bump on the shoulder. Folding a sweater sideways and then hanging it is the best way to prevent that bump.

Here are a couple of hacks that you can always look forward to doing while enjoying the chill this winter:

Make a Style Statement: Fold the shirt sleeves on top of the sweater

Always try wearing a contrast-colored set of shirt & sweater and roll the sleeve (just one fold) on top of the sweater. This looks classy and stylish and also does not involve any other outfit or accessory which you may have to add on otherwise.

Dual Benefits

Want to set the trend this winter. Use a light embroidered shawl instead of a muffler. Wear it around your neck just like what you do with a muffler and make heads turn.

When draping goes beyond

There are different ways of draping a saree which we are all accustomed to seeing. But the art of draping is not limited to a saree only. During winter’s a lot many draping styles can be adopted while wearing a shawl or carrying a stole. These styles for sure make the outfit look a lot more eye-catching than ever before.

Winters are the time when men, women & kids get a lot of clothing options to choose from. Gone are the days when the winter clothing was only limited to Sweaters and Shawls and Hand Gloves. Today, not only there are some intricately designed winter outfits which can be seen on the shelves but at the same time, a lot of attention is also given to the layer of fabrics as well. Buyers also have become aware of the cloth and the quality that goes into it. Quality brands take note of the same and their offerings often hover around the wants of these buyers.

Besides the wedding, there are festivities and then the New Year knocking on the door during the winters. This is an ideal time for even brands to showcase not only a particular line of clothing which happens to be their forte but perhaps also get into something that is beyond their expertise and hence surprise the buyers. By doing so, they might end up catering to varied age brackets and probably also widen their horizon.