Linen- A Must Have In Your Closet

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Linen is an essential summer fabric. Suits, Shirts, Trousers, Shorts & even Sheets; you can find linen everywhere these days. Though it has become quite a trend today, the fabric has been well known for years now. There are few who prefer linen to any other fabric because of their addictiveness to it. 

Why Linen in summer?

The fabric provides coolness during the summer season. It is highly absorbent and easily removes perspiration from the skin. One can surely say goodbye to bad odor while wearing a linen shirt. There are many technical aspects involved when we discuss linen- the fabric. The weave of the fabric allows a good amount of airflow on the body. Due to this, the sweat evaporates pretty fast and hence also allows heat to escape. 

The above-mentioned properties allow linen to be a preferred fabric in hot and humid conditions. As far as the outfits are concerned, linen offers a wide variety today both in women and men’s wear. 

If there is a wedding to attend this summer, go for a linen suit. They have it in them to make you look dapper and relaxed both. And if possible, try teaming them up with a contrasting shade of moccasins or loafers. 

The best part of a linen shirt is that it gels with anything. Be it at work, at parties, at picnics or even a casual outing, these shirts can be worn everywhere. Either roll the sleeves up or untuck them, they will look smart anyway. 

Linen trousers can also be an option but always ensure to wear dark colors since the white ones may not look good when going out in the Sun. 

Girls can look out to wear a long linen dress with stripes or a crushed linen skirt. One of the main attributes of any good linen outfit is that it will never be body-hugging. So come to think of it, linen joggers or vintage linen pants are perfect wear during the summer season. Pair them with a top and they will no doubt give a very casual but noteworthy look to the overall attire. A linen jumpsuit can also be an irresistible option during the times when the temperatures are soaring. These can be plain with solid colors or striped. Either way, they can make one look chic. 

Besides the outfits, you can sleep on linen too. Yes, you heard it right…!! Linen Sheets can be used during the summers as well. We are aware of how cool and comfortable the fabric is. Because of being textured, you may find the sheets a bit different but honestly who cares if you are getting softness and a good night’s sleep. 

There are certain downsides of this fabric too. The most important being it wrinkles easily. So, if you are planning to wear them at a business meeting, then think twice because it easily gets wrinkled. Shrinkage is also a problem with the fabric and it is always advisable to hang dry them. This may lessen the shrinkage if not completely stop it. Though it was considered to be a very premium fabric before, today its affordability has increased. But it doesn’t mean that the fabric comes cheap. 

Linen has taken the clothing industry by storm. Fashion conscious or not, you will always be attracted to this fabric. If you haven’t tried the fabric yet, this season can be the best time to buy and experience it. Needless to say, they are summer must have.