Over the top fashion or OTT fashion as it is mostly called these days has become a growing sensation. On the world fashion stage, the recently concluded Met Gala in New York is a testimony to that. Fashion has come under the grasp of OTT because people aren’t afraid of showing off their true colors, quite literally.  But on a serious note, can this way of fashion be carried out on the regular days? Most of us know the answer to that. However, OTT is gradually making its way up not only on the fashion ramp but also in fashion stores and closets of people who live and eat fashion and style at least in the western world.

Fashion was a plan in the yesteryears. Today, it has become a part and parcel of the routine. We all want to look good and also want our fashion statement should be sorted. That’s it. Most of the millennials today won’t bother as to what others would say about their fashion sense. They just want to go out there and rock. Leave everything else aside. OTT for an average fashion freak would end at just the color. But for someone who is more than an average freak, it is more than that. It is a revolution which the person wearing it brings along; it’s either going to be a marvel or a disaster.

In India, the western influence isn’t that much even on the millennials. So that way we are away from the actual over the top dressing. Yet it will not be long that we get to have a taste of it. Over the top dressing culture in India can be more seen in the casual outfits than anything else. Especially youngsters have started to move in this bracket with gaudy colors and distressed denim to point out a few. The total phenomenon of OTT is yet to hit us.

Our affinity to ethnic outfits has saved us from over the top dressing, at least for now.

We should be indebted to the classic Indian clothing as it has still kept the gaudy fashion sense at bay. Designers like Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, and Sabyasachi Mukherjee, all have made unparallel progress in the field of ethnic wear today. Though they have given quite twists and turns in the appearance of a Lehenga, Saree or Sherwani, nothing has gone over the top. Even the regular ethnic clothing like kurta pajama might have some popped up, jazzy colors, but it will never be featured in the OTT fashion dictionary. The classiness of the fabric and the outfit still remains intact.

Dress your age; it makes you look classy and fashionable too.

It is often seen that men and women in order to look younger than their age tend to adopt styles and trends that aren’t meant for them. The result is a total fashion catastrophe. In India at least this is what the OTT fashion is presently restricted to other than the out of the world fashion sense of some millennials.

Come to think of it OTT fashion isn’t that bad; at least it gives us an idea on the extent of over the top fashion acumen that one can have.

Fashion for the rich and famous have taken a leap today because of technology and avenues. Don’t get surprised if OTT fashion in the mainstream fashion arena in India arrives earlier than expected. Come what may, it will be completely dependent on us whether we go with the flow or stick to the basics.