Fashion and Lifestyle is a category that has seen a sudden increase in its volumes. Its demand earlier was limited to metros or certain ‘A’ class cities but now even smaller cities have shown a lot of leaning towards becoming fashion conscious. Have a look at the number of fashion exhibitions that take place in a calendar year. There are certain exhibitors who target only ‘B’ or ‘C’ cluster cities just because of the returns they get out of these locations. The desire to look good and keep abreast with the present trends has caught up with shoppers across these locations. No wonder, these cities are also home to trendsetters that have up the ante.

Being trendsetter is a trait; a trait that any individual can have. One does not have to be a celebrity to start a trend. Anybody who carries an outfit well is capable enough to set a trend. You can spot these people showing their shopping prowess anywhere, anytime. And by the way, we are not suggesting that having deep pockets is a characteristic of a trendsetter. More than anything else, it is a skill that very few posses. There are a couple of key attributes of an established trendsetter; being ahead of time and having an eye for the right outfit.

Trendsetters today are perceived to be intelligent and updated. Their importance can never be questioned. Be it any form of fashion i.e. modern or traditional, they will get all their research done before indulging in that purchase. That research can be related to the trait, the track and the future of the outfit. And once they are done with the checks, their fashion starts to trend. While setting trends has become a norm today, it does not mean that all which trends goes along well. A trendsetter has to be astute while selecting the outfit of choice. It is well to be noted that a trend can either be set through the outfit or the way it is worn.

Don’t wait for an occasion to start the trend. You might miss the bus if you wait for long. Just go for it. Setting trends are not bound by age or gender. One just has to have that style acumen. With the advent of quick sharing platforms like Whatsapp and Instagram, spreading something distinct in fashion is no longer a concern. What really matters is whether the distinctiveness has the potential to set a trend.

Trends are either set by people who explore an outfit and wear it or by people who make those outfits i.e. the designers. The latter are the ones who actually bring those probable trendsetting outfits in front of the buyers. Prospective shoppers then either reject them or make them a trend. Once the outfit becomes a trend then there is no holding back. It’s bound to create that much-required market. Setting a trend is no longer a cake walk today. With fashion entering into people’s homes, everybody is quite aware of what would work for them and what would not. So, the right thing for a trendsetter would be to go for exclusivity; pin hopes on those outfits that are not only unique but also give that option of spreading across the age bracket i.e. the ones that can be worn by both father and son or mother and daughter. The acceptability increases by doing so.

Through the pattern of buying an outfit, one can rightly guess the popularity of the trend. A trend can be either set by a youngster or otherwise. The doors are open for anyone who is capable to get things moving. The only thing required is having that fashion prudence. Rest all will fall in place.