Talk about food or fashion, a mix of two cultures has always reaped tremendous response from people of all ages. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have always welcomed fusion with open hands. We experiment with food and fashion because the creativity involved is immense and the outcome gives us utmost satisfaction. If for some reason it doesn’t, then we try working on it and in most cases get the job done as per our aspirations.

Fashion sense is never static. It keeps evolving with time. Kudos to the great fabrics and the intricate designing done on them, we Indians have been able to time and again prove our fashion mettle. The combination of ethnic and modern has been loved by everyone so much so that it’s widely preferred even in professional and casual space too.

Let’s browse through some of the chicest fusion outfits which have become a rage in the accessible fashion world.

Denim and Asymmetric Kurta

Team a pair of jeans with a contrasting shade of asymmetric kurta to get that Indo-Western punch. Not only it looks elegantly chic on regular occasions but is also ideal for those Casual Friday dressings in office.

Kurti and Culottes

It is no rocket science to know that Indian women have excelled the art of teaming ethnic and western outfits. Just imagine yourself in a daily office wardrobe like a formal kurta paired with culottes. This combination has indeed become a new sensation in classic formal space for women.

Indo-Western Gowns

In this outfit, Indian element is the color and the design of the embroidery whereas the Western element is its structural silhouette. The outfit can be worn either at a party or a business meeting. Always remember to maintain earthy tones while wearing it to the office while popped up colors work just fine during casual outings.

Denim And Slit Kurta

Another Indo-Western outfit blend which has found its own set of admirers, this pairing looks casual and elegant and can be mostly worn during parties and evening get together’s. Be it a front slit or a side one, both look chic. Solid colors and floral prints in Kurtis look fab. Regular or Distressed denim, both go well here.

Dhoti Pants And Solid Kurti

Dhoti pants are ready to wear pre-stitched pants for women which are loose on the thighs while tight on the lower part of the leg. Mostly worn during summers, they give out a casual as well as semi-formal look. Try to team them with contrast solid color Kurtas as the union looks scintillating, to say the least.

Why Do People Prefer Indo-Western To Traditional Wear?

Traditional wear has its own importance during festivities and wedding functions. However, during regular occasions sporting traditional wear becomes off beat and uncomfortable. This is where Indo-Western jumps in. Besides the fact that they are very comfortable, these outfits balance both elements from Indian and Western cultures giving the attire a modern as well as traditional look and feel. The best part is that they are suitable for all age groups and hence have become popular in no time.

The Amalgamation Can Be Seen In Accessories As Well

It’s not only the outfits that have got the taste of the Indo-Western combo; even the accessories have also seen the light of the day. You can team up beads, large dangling earrings and also fancy bracelets with not a single but all the Indo-Western outfits which are there in existence today. We shouldn’t forget decorative stoles either since they are also often used to add that effect on Indo-Western style salwar kameez.