Family Travel during summers is a norm these days. Well, that’s what it used to be before too but times have changed now. Heat has gone up, people have become fussy about their clothing and for a change, traveling has become easier than before. 

Nowadays, impromptu plans are made for a family vacation and more often than not one wishes to travel light irrespective of the scale of the trip. Besides, during the peak summer season, if we talk about India in particular, almost every pocket of the geography experiences that heat wave. Traveling during that time can be pretty hectic and very tiring. So how do we simplify it? Well, the first thing that zips past our thoughts is the clothes that we are going to take for the trip. We assume that a summer vacation would obviously involve either soaking in the sun at a beach in Goa or Trekking in the rough terrain at Ladakh or down south in the Nilgiris or even romancing with nature in a Jim Corbett or playing with snow if at all there would be any at Gulmarg. 

The choice of the wardrobe would obviously depend on the place you are going to visit but having said that; some fabrics are a must for the vacation season. Here are a few fabrics which should definitely be a part of your strolley in this summer of 2019.


How much ever the heat is, a pair of jeans has to be there in your luggage. And why not; they are comfortable, rugged and easily go well with any style of a tee or a top. A weathered jean is quite a trend these days, not only for girls but boys as well. It gives a more laid back, casual feel which obviously gels with your kind of holiday, isn’t it…?


The fabric breathes. It surely does and that’s why it has become one of the favorite summer wear. The best part is the range of outfits that have started to make a mark in this fabric. A Saree to start with or pants or shirts or Kurtis; you name it and Linen is surely going to add value to what you wear. Rather than getting into the technicalities of the fabric, just take them along with you for your outing.


For long cotton has been and will always be an integral part of our travel wardrobe. Just look at the options it has to offer. Right from kids to the elderly, you can fiddle with cotton anytime. The fabric is light and colors make it look it even more vivid and stunning. The cotton is mostly easy to wear and simple to carry and which is why it is the most preferred fabric to take while on trips for every Indian household.


As the name suggests the fabric is made from combining two fabrics i.e. Polyester and Cotton. This fabric has an innate quality of resisting heat well and often tends to keep its original shape i.e. no shrinkage. If the humidity levels are high, this is the fabric to go for as it minimizes moisture.


It is not a natural fiber as cotton and may not be as effective but it is very thin, which makes it delicate and easy to carry. A Rayon dress can be a good option for a beach holiday during summers as it does not stick to the skin and has a very pleasant feel to it. Come to think of it, sportswear generally comes in this fabric and we now know why.