This Summer- Hydrate In Style

Majority of us, if not all have shelved our warm clothes & are up for the summer which is just around the corner. No need to layer our self anymore would be the biggest relief to all. This is the only time in the year, well for most of us, where we try to plan out a vacation with family to a place that relaxes us to the core. As for fashion, one usually prefers to be in the outfits which are the most comfortable in this season like the tees and the shorts and the t-shirt dress.  With temperatures soaring high in the summers, while comfort clothing is a top priority, one usually forgets the importance of taking care of the body and skin the most in this season.  

Let’s take a look at some useful measures which will help keep our body fit and skin subtle & radiant this summer. After all, fashion is not only confined to clothes…!

Protection Against Tan

Make sure you apply a layer of a good sun block/ sunscreen while leaving home in the morning. Though it might not be sunny during that part of the day still using a good layer of crème on body parts that are exposed to the sun is always advisable.

Water Intake

Drinking water is one of the most essential elements when it comes to hydrating yourself during the heat. Oh well, most of us overlook the importance of it but a good intake of water always makes the skin stay away from dryness and cracking.

Moisturiser- Always Use The Right One

Also, look out to apply that right moisturizer which is water based and not oil based. Especially during summers, oil-based moisturizers due to the heat and sweat make the skin look very oily. This, in turn, lets the dust particles settle down on the skin making it look rough and dull.

Fruit Yourself Up

Dehydration is a very common issue during summers. But this is the time when you can lay hands on some exotic fruits and vegetables and juices which are bound to keep you away from dehydrating. You can find the king of fruits, Mango available across all the fruit stalls. It is a very good source of Vitamin A, C, D & iron too which will keep you up and running during the season. Besides Mango, Watermelon can be a great source of hydration as it constitutes 92% of water. Also, fruits like Muskmelon, Guava, Pineapple, and Litchi are also a good source of water. A healthy intake of Cucumbers and Tomatoes can also help get that much-needed summer glow. One can also have plentiful of Nimbu Sharbat and other fruit juices which are available everywhere these days. 

Cold Shower, Always

To keep yourself away from acne breakout and clogged pores, it is always advisable to take a cold shower during summers instead of a hot shower which will further dehydrate the skin.

Keep Exercising 

Never giving up on exercising during this season. One gets to feel tired easily during the summers due to excessive heat and exercise would not always be given a priority. But do not let that happen since exercise helps increase the blood flow which further ensures that skin cells get more oxygen. 

Adequate Rest Is The Need Of The Hour

During summers, days are longer and hence one might not get adequate sleep as required. Resting helps to augment the melanin and also revitalizes the immune system which gets rid of the bad bacteria from the body.

Fashion is not always about clothing. Feeling great from the inside too can light up your personality.