A lashing wave of the new breed of professionals has taken us all by surprise. This new generation of aggressive, assertive, determined individuals not only has the capacity of working things out their way but also strike a chord immediately with their attitude and outfits.

It also gives us an idea as to how important first impressions have become nowadays. These young entrepreneurs or professionals have everything in them; the knowledge, the resources, and the network. So how do they stand out from each other? Well, they let their outfits do the talking initially for sure. One can easily make out the temperament of an individual on the basis of what that person is wearing. And this is common for all. Not just the entrepreneurs but also working professionals too.

In today’s era where there is a lot of traveling and plastic money involved, fashion has become accessible to all. Particularly, these young guns who often fly out for work or leisure, get their hands on some really upgraded, swanky outfits that project a lot of their innate quality. And then there is this culture of formal and informal business meetings that has also changed the perception towards the way these individuals dress up. Gone are the days when we were used to seeing these entrepreneurs in formal suits with crisp iron shirts and ties. Today, the game has changed completely. There is an inclination towards wearing informal attire or for that matter a casual outfit at the workplace. This may range from smart tees to skinny jeans to even plain white kicks. And to an extent, this type of dressing also helps to break the ice. The atmosphere at the workplace because of this is no longer uptight and becomes pretty relaxed. That is the way things are shaping up. All thanks to the new trend of doing tasks with ease.

Just imagine a business meeting which is completely formal in nature; that’s understood. But attending this meeting are executives who have made the entire setting even more formal with the way they have dressed up. Outfits speak volumes of a temperament of an individual and in this case might as well make the ambiance look completely stressed. Keeping it simple can also work at times and one should always give it a serious thought. It does not mean that one should dress up casually for such formal meetings but being over the top should always be avoided. And that’s what the current trends have been pointing at. People have started to accept informal clothing at the workplace because it has the capacity to breaks that divide and also gives them that extra breathing space.

Having said that, wearing smart formals at the workplace does not cause a disconnect with people around. There is a range of stylish formals available for both men and women that make them look graceful and fashionable. It all boils down to the industry you are working in. A hospitality industry would demand very formal clothing at the workplace whereas dressing casually in an advertising agency can be a norm. The adjustments have to be made accordingly.

With so many formal and informal options to choose from, eventually, the beneficiaries are the ones who are wearing them. Just make that right choice and leave the rest to the outfits. They have it in them to make you look good and feel comfortable. We are all game for both formal and informal clothing at the workplace. The idea is that one should keep it in balance. Going extreme in both cases can be considered a fashion faux-pas.