The term that change is the only constant in life is so relevant in the context of fashion too. We have always welcomed change with open hands. And what more if that change occurs during the most awaited festivals; smiles become even broader. Trends in fashion and spirit of festivals will always go a notch higher and keep surprising us. As I pen this down, I know for a fact that somewhere there are plans being made on what to wear during festivities. So don’t hold yourself back, get ready to upscale your fashion this festive season.
Gone are the days when one aspired to become a page 3 crowd. On second thought, every page is a page 3 today. The ever growing need to look good has paved the way to quality clothing. And believe you me; it is not just limited to certain geography. Technological advancement & Social Media marketing has ensured that quality clothing reaches to as many as possible. Fashion & Style today can be embraced by anyone who knows how to carry it with elegance and poise. During festivals, one can see people donning new accessories, clothes that complement their personality. That’s the very essence of fashion which has crept in today.

In India, almost every month there is a festival waiting to knock. The topic of discussion during these times in any household revolves around fashion, food and latest trends. The advent of social media has indeed raised the bar further; thanks to the Internet due to which accessibility is not an issue anymore. Over the past decade, there has been a tectonic shift in the lifestyle patterns. People have started to upgrade themselves & generally don’t shy away from trying out new things. During festivals or for that matter important occasions, one can see this phenomenon shaping up where with changing times there are no qualms on wearing the unusual and setting new trends. The freedom that fashion enjoys today is none to other. It does not require a passport or a visa stamp to cross boundaries. Come to think of it, we have started to inculcate a lot of fashion sense in ourselves as well. It is well to be noted that though the fashion acumen graph goes up during festivals but that does not mean it fades away during other days. The range that fashion comes with is exceptional and there is always something for everyone in any season. Festivals are just the right time to get the trend moving. It is because of this ethos that most of the best launches happen during these times. A clothing store or a fashion show, all get geared up during this period to serve the best. One thing is for sure, the togetherness and camaraderie of fashion and festivals will always set new benchmarks and keep surprising us in the years to come.

We all know for a fact that India is culturally a very rich country. Be it any festival, we are known to celebrate it with fervor. The everlasting impact that style has had on us cannot be denied. Such has been the influence of fashion in our lives that preparation of every occasion starts with buying new clothes. That’s the kind of upbringing we have seen irrespective of any caste, creed or color. Diwali celebrated a couple of decades back might not have the same fashion extravagance that we see today yet trends were set during those times too. So this occurrence dates back to early days and hence shows how involved we have been with fashion during these special moments.

Wish You Happy Diwali...!