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23 May The Indowestern Impact
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Talk about food or fashion, a mix of two cultures has always reaped tremendous response from people of all ages. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have always welcomed fusion with open hands. We experiment with food and fashion because the creativity involved is immense and the outcome gives us utmost satisfaction. If for some reason it doesn’t, ..
16 May Fashion Listings Matter ?
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Talk about fashion and the first thing which strikes us is the comfort, the colors and fit and last but not the least- aspiration.We all look forward to having that aspiration in clothing too. Be it a brand or fabric, color or design, there is not a single one of us who does not aspire to have that piece of fashion which makes us go bonkers. And ho..
09 May OTT Fashion: It’s All Up To Us
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Over the top fashion or OTT fashion as it is mostly called these days has become a growing sensation. On the world fashion stage, the recently concluded Met Gala in New York is a testimony to that. Fashion has come under the grasp of OTT because people aren’t afraid of showing off their true colors, quite literally.  But on a serious note, can this..
02 May Checklist For My Child’s Fashion Statement
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Colors are the first things that come to our mind when we think of kid’s clothes and fashion today. The range of outfits is matchless, to say the least. It is well to be noted that most of the times parents tend to end up tidying the kids closer than their own. That’s the range of outfits kids have these days. Keeping aside the latest in fashion, i..
25 Apr Guide to be Fashionably Hot This Summer
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It becomes quite intriguing as to what to wear during the scorching summers. Wearing light & trendy outfits and protecting yourself from the tan can be quite a task. While you have a sunblock which can protect you from the latter but when it comes to the selection of outfits, you can get puzzled, to say the least. Mentioned under are some really co..
11 Apr Summer Shaadi: Handle It Like A Pro
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The biggest worry which every one of us encounters during summers is what to wear during a wedding. Imagine the plight of the Bride. With so many rituals spread over a period of time, one has to be very particular on what to wear and when.Designers, keeping in mind the heat and stickiness have started to put in a lot of effort while coming up with ..
11 Apr Enjoy The Best Of Both The Worlds This Summer
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In our country, we have lived up with the idea of fusion; fusion in music, food, clothes, thoughts and much more. Frankly, the sweep of fusion in our lives is so much that at times we tend to get confused on what to adopt and when? As for fashion, fusion has never been out of sight. This is mainly because as a society, we are prone to give as much ..
11 Apr Wear Light | Feel Lighter
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I have got everything but time today. That’s the way my life has become. And to be honest, I am conditioned to it. I have the resources that update and upgrade me with all the necessary information on the latest trends in technology, lifestyle, and fashion. Yes, it would be only fair to say that Fashion today is accessible to anyone. It is availabl..
08 Mar This Summer | Hydrate In Style
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This Summer- Hydrate In StyleMajority of us, if not all have shelved our warm clothes & are up for the summer which is just around the corner. No need to layer our self anymore would be the biggest relief to all. This is the only time in the year, well for most of us, where we try to plan out a vacation with family to a place that relaxes us to the..
08 Mar Unconquerable Combos To Go For
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Unconquerable Combos To Go For Though it mostly happens that we picture fashion with women, there is no dearth of exquisite designs and options for men too. This is apparent from the array of colors and designs that have become very important in a man’s closet today. From corporate life to a fun-filled weekend, there are outfits which gel for every..
06 Mar Go Colorful This Summer
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Go Colorful This SummerSummers are about going all out on color. There is no harm if your clothes compliment the brightness of the Sun. With so many colors, both vibrant and subtle available for your rack, you just need to go for that perfect shape and size of the outfit and let the colors do the talking. Being an Indian, there is a direct bond wit..
16 Feb The War Of Fabrics | Lets See Who Wins This Summer
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Family Travel during summers is a norm these days. Well, that’s what it used to be before too but times have changed now. Heat has gone up, people have become fussy about their clothing and for a change, traveling has become easier than before. Nowadays, impromptu plans are made for a family vacation and more often than not one wishes to travel lig..
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