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06 Mar National Dress Day: 06th March
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National Dress Day: 06th MarchThere are certain things in life which take you back down the memory lane. For instance, the fragrance coming out of the mud during the rainy season; it’s the purest form of a reminiscence which will always make you feel nostalgic. There are elements in life which will help you re-live those magical moments again; A dr..
06 Mar Asymmetry of Fashion
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Asymmetry of FashionTrends aren’t constant. They change in a flash. Fashion and Food are typical examples where what may be in vogue today, might whizz away tomorrow. Who would have thought that lack of symmetry would rule the fashion world one day? Well, the moment has come as asymmetric style in fashion has caught the eye of the fashion-bearers a..
16 Feb Workplace Outfits
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A lashing wave of the new breed of professionals has taken us all by surprise. This new generation of aggressive, assertive, determined individuals not only has the capacity of working things out their way but also strike a chord immediately with their attitude and outfits.It also gives us an idea as to how important first impressions have become n..
16 Feb The War Of Fabrics | Lets See Who Wins This Summer
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Family Travel during summers is a norm these days. Well, that’s what it used to be before too but times have changed now. Heat has gone up, people have become fussy about their clothing and for a change, traveling has become easier than before. Nowadays, impromptu plans are made for a family vacation and more often than not one wishes to travel lig..
16 Feb Beat The Heat with Hats
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Some valuables are for everyone. Yes, I am going to call hats as valuables for the important role of a filter that they play. First of all, let’s make it very clear that they aren’t for a select few but everyone. From that kid who hardly bothers to what to wear and when, leave alone fashion, to someone who is known to set trends, it will be only fa..
16 Feb Flight of Fashion
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Food and Fashion are unbounded.Not only are they liked at the place where they originate but their popularity increases manifold when they travel offshore, out of their comfort zone. Such has been their story thus far, exciting and full of promise. Technological advancement in both the cases has played a very significant role in raising the bar. By..
08 Feb The Adventures of a Trendsetter
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Fashion and Lifestyle is a category that has seen a sudden increase in its volumes. Its demand earlier was limited to metros or certain ‘A’ class cities but now even smaller cities have shown a lot of leaning towards becoming fashion conscious. Have a look at the number of fashion exhibitions that take place in a calendar year. There are certain ex..
18 Jan Let the winter bowl you over
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It’s that time of the year again when we start pulling out our winter clothing from the bag kept over a closet. Yes, winters have arrived with a bang and we just can’t wait to show off some of our best sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans, jackets, and shrugs. Despite having the warm clothing at our disposal in our place, we often tend to indu..
06 Nov Fashion and Festivities Go Hand-in-Glove
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The term that change is the only constant in life is so relevant in the context of fashion too. We have always welcomed change with open hands. And what more if that change occurs during the most awaited festivals; smiles become even broader. Trends in fashion and spirit of festivals will always go a notch higher and keep surprising us. As I pen th..
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